Elegant, romantic & bohemian to whimsical & modernFloral arrangements for all occasionsFlowers and weddings... a match made in heaven.

Elegant, romantic & bohemian to whimsical & modern

We understand your unique style and our creative team brings your vision to life

Floral arrangements for all occasions

Create that perfect ambience when you entertain

Flowers and weddings... a match made in heaven.

Bouquets, altars, decor and more...


  Floral arrangements is an art and we are an artist trusted by many. Arrangements have an enamouring charm that make them very popular as table centrepieces. Just their delightful presence in your room will fill you with freshness and joy! We have a strong supply chain across the country ensuring that we use only […]

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  We ease the stress for many brides by taking care of the bouquets for them and their bridal party! Our florists, upon consultation with you, work towards creating that masterpiece that flows oh-so-well with your dress and decor! No matter how many brides we have worked with in the past, when we create a […]

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  Floral styling for weddings and special events is our primary speciality. Over the course of years we have witnessed ever-changing trends and have catered to a large variety of tastes. Ceremonial arches, installations, clusters and cascades are just some of the ways we can infuse magic into your wedding. For our floral styling clients, we […]

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  We Wander Floral has a young and creative team that loves to push the boundaries to create something new. We have been featured on several blogs as brides’ favourite when it comes to both recreating classics and innovative styling. We invite clients planning an event to our studio for a one-on-one consultation, where surrounded […]

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Latest Posts

Wedding Table Garlands

March 28, 2018 | No Comments

Everyone who is participating in the wedding will have lots to keep them busy. Each person has many concerns, including outfits, food, invites, decorating – it’s quite a production even to put on a casual wedding. When it comes to decorating you don’t have to spend a bunch of time and put out a tremendous […]

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Wedding Photography: Pictures of Your Wedding Flowers

March 22, 2018 | No Comments

There are many ways to get unique pictures of the flower arrangements and bouquets that you and others used in your wedding. You aren’t going to want multiple pictures of just flowers, however, there are some must-have shots you don’t want to miss out on. Flgroe Studios shares some expertise on photography pointers for getting the best pictures of your flowers.

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A Romantic Floral Wedding

December 2, 2017 | No Comments

Sophia hired us for florals for her wedding at the Stella Plantation. We played with textures and light colors to put together a soft romantic look. Flowers were all white, mainly ranunculus and roses. They combined well with the glassware and gold flatware. Bridal Couture designed the timeless voluminous wedding gown and the florals complemented […]

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How to rock that wedding bouquet!

October 22, 2017 | No Comments

When spring and summer are upon us, and many weddings have been planned. So much thought gets put into the planning, colors, invites, etc., but what about the wedding bouquet? This tip was brought to us by our friends and wedding planners L’egant Affairs, in Shreveport. There is an art to carrying a wedding bouquet so that the bride and her attendants look elegant and comfortable.

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Rustic Wildflower DIY Wedding Centerpieces

September 14, 2017 | No Comments

Turn simple pots of wildflowers into rustic wedding centerpieces that complement an outdoor summer wedding or add an outdoorsy touch to an indoor wedding reception. You can control the expense of this DIY wedding project by purchasing flower pots and growing your choice of assorted wildflowers or by looking at garden centers for appealing displays. […]

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Wedding Bridal Bouquet: Roses and Gardenias

April 2, 2017 | No Comments

With the last of the summer flowers in season, we got this DIY just in time! A summer wedding is the perfect type of wedding to utilize the seasonal flowers that are available in your area. Not only will this save you tons of money but the beautiful blooms that are common during the summer months […]

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Mini Hot-Air Floral Balloons!

April 2, 2017 | No Comments

We did a little DIY for an indoor wedding recently. The team put together a bunch of helium “hot-air” balloons and suspended tiny baskets of florals with each! Take a look. Thanks, Christy and Nina for putting in all the work! The florals were of course too heavy to be suspended by the balloons so […]

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Tips on How to Personalize Identical Flower Girl Dresses

January 26, 2017 | No Comments

While most brides choose to purchase flower girl dresses that are no different from one another for the sake of convenience and continuity, that doesn’t mean a few quick touches to differentiate one girl’s gown from another’s can’t be employed. If your young ladies-in-waiting are hoping for a way to stand apart and bring something […]

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