Wedding Table Garlands

Everyone who is participating in the wedding will have lots to keep them busy. Each person has many concerns, including outfits, food, invites, decorating – it’s quite a production even to put on a casual wedding. When it comes to decorating you don’t have to spend a bunch of time and put out a tremendous amount of effort. You don’t have to trim stems and leaves nor arrange flowers in vases. Make it easy on yourself and just use garlands to decorate the tables!

The word garland often makes people think of Christmas but, in this case, the garland will not have a holiday theme or look at all. Use silk flower garlands, found at large craft stores, and you can make the tables look beautiful in no time.

A large craft store has quite a nice selection of floral garlands. Purchase as many as you need to decorate the various tables. Each table can feature an identical runner of flowers or each garland can be different. Choose flowers that are all white or ones that come in colors you’ll be featuring in the wedding.

There is more than one way to display the table garlands. A popular look is to simply stretch the garland down the center of the table. Instead of laying it in a straight, rigid line, make a hill and valley-type arrangement from one end of the table to the other.

Although the flower garlands look great by themselves you can add other décor pieces to complete the look. Set votive candles or tea lights, here and there, along with the length of the garland. Or, set a large pillar candle in the middle of the table, wrap the garland around it, then stretch the ends of the garland out to the ends of the table.

Although flower garlands from a craft store have a fabulous look without embellishing there are ways to make the garlands look a little different. Paint a leaf, here and there, in gold to make the garland a little more elegant. Or, glue or wire on additional flowers to add to the look. You can find tiny, silk flower petals or buds, sold in bags, at nearly any craft store.

Table flower garlands look beautiful but are no trouble to use for decorating. Simply lay one on each table and you’re done! How much more simple can you get while still creating something lovely?