Wedding Photography: Pictures of Your Wedding Flowers

There are many ways to get unique pictures of the flower arrangements and bouquets that you and others used in your wedding. You aren’t going to want multiple pictures of just flowers, however, there are some must-have shots you don’t want to miss out on. Flgroe¬†Studios shares some tips on photography pointers for getting the best pictures of your flowers.

The bride’s bouquet is probably the most important. This picture can be taken before the wedding if you are doing photographs prior to save time. The bouquet in the bride’s hands at her waist or even against something else is an elegant picture and keepsake. Another pose could be the bride’s hands and arms holding the bouquet with the groom’s hands over her. Look through albums and get some ideas of what you want.

The church is the easiest place to get good pictures because you don’t have to depend on whether or lighting. Looking down the aisle, you will see that there are normally flowers decorating all of the ends of the pews. Have the photographer take a shot at the level of the bouquets, looking down or up the aisle. This photo will show all almost the whole church, but the flowers will be the main focus. Maybe you have flowers framing the entrance to the church, have a picture taken will the flowers framing the picture.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets should also be photographed. Try having the girls stand in a circle and have the bride be at the top of the circle. All of the girls should put both of their hands on their bouquets, and form a circle of flowers, and have the bride’s bouquet into the center of it. The picture will be arms and flowers, will the bride’s bouquet as the main focus.

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Flowers are not just great photo opportunities; they can be used to display pictures as well. Get a shadow box and put dried, or freeze dried petals from flowers used in the wedding to decorate the inside of the box, around the photograph that is in the middle. Framing freeze dried flowers make for great decorations, and be displayed in between photos and memorabilia from your wedding. Try making a frame for your photographs out of freeze-dried flowers, just make sure that you place them somewhere they won’t be handled often.Look through bridal magazines, online, and ask your photographer for other picture and display ideas. Flowers can be used to make great memories of your special day, they are always elegant, photograph well, and can be displayed forever.