Tips on How to Personalize Identical Flower Girl Dresses

While most brides choose to purchase flower girl dresses that are no different from one another for the sake of convenience and continuity, that doesn’t mean a few quick touches to differentiate one girl’s gown from another’s can’t be employed. If your young ladies-in-waiting are hoping for a way to stand apart and bring something unique to the wedding ensemble, consider the following tips on how to personalize identical flower girl dresses for a few quick and simple ideas.

Tip #1: Customize buttons. From rainbows to teddy bears to lilacs, a wide range of romantic and fanciful buttons are available at your local craft store that can replace those on your flower girl gowns. Have a seamstress remove the traditional pieces and sew on personalized, tasteful, and fun choices that the girls select themselves from what you present them with. While the choices don’t have to be dramatic or distracting, they can give the girls a pop of personality with little trouble.

Tip #2: Pin on flowers and corsages. Have your florist create special corsages or flower pins that can be attached to the lapels or waistbands of your flower girl dresses. While maintaining a color scheme, choose a different floral piece for each girl and give it a bit of flourish with a ribbon or beading

Tip #3: Add a brooch. From antique family heirlooms to brand new designer pieces, brooches are a beautiful way to add personalized touches to your flower girls’ gowns. As with flowers, you will wish to maintain a similar color scheme. However, designs can vary as you please.

Tip #4: Tie sash “belts” in different shades around traditional dresses. Silk sashes can be used to create whimsical bows around each flower girl’s waist for a bit of extra embellishment. To differentiate between each girl’s gown, choose either vibrantly different colors for each or variations of the same hue. You may also wish to add the flower pins or brooches mentioned in steps 1 and 2 to the centers once tied.

Tip #5: Add accessories. If you wish to personalize each flower girl’s ensemble without completely altering the gowns themselves, consider offering different accessories to each young lady. From tiaras to shoes to earrings, each girl can boast something to call her own in the form of a fun little extra essential. These accessories can also double as attendants’ gifts.

Tip #6: Sew in a bit of ribbon. Ribbon can actually be sewn into the hemline or neckline of each girl’s dress for a subtle and sophisticated touch. Each girl may choose her own color (from a grouping of offerings that you have selected, of course) and your seamstress can do the rest. For further personalization, consider using different fabrics and sizes of ribbon.

Tip #7: Have hems re-sewn with different colors of thread. A variation of step #6, having your seamstress re-sew the stitching on your flower girls’ dresses will be a more subtle method of personalization that won’t detract from the original design. Rather than hemlines being hidden, they’ll stand out with a pop of color.

Tip #8: Have necklines re-cut. From v-necks to boat-necks to Elizabethan designs, the collars of your flower girl dresses can be re-cut to give each a slightly different look. Keep in mind that the best route here to is to make more subtle changes that won’t ultimately change the look of each gown while simultaneously offering each girl a unique style.

From buttons and ribbon to tiaras containing their own birth stones, giving your flower girls something to call their own when it comes to their gowns will be a cinch. Remember to quiz each one on her interests, favorite colors, and personal preferences when making the final personalization decisions.